Best Coffee in Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, Australia, and is also the home of world’s best coffee. There are many famous coffee points in the city.

If you are in the capital, it is best for you to visit a nearby coffee shop. However, the abundance of such points makes it difficult to select. In this guideline, we have collected the best coffee shops in Melbourne.

1) Patricia

PatriciaLocated in Little William St, Patricia is one of the best coffee in Melbourne CBD. The addition of minimalist brewery makes their coffee unique and special. The only disappointing thing is that you cannot sit there for hours to enjoy your coffee because it is standing room only. You can consider this point more like a “coffee bar” and not “cafe.” Nevertheless, Patricia is a decent place for your morning coffee.

2) Brother Baba Budan

Brother Baba BudanBrother Baba Budan is Melbourne’s best coffee shop. Located in Little Bourke St, it is one of the best places to enjoy your coffee with pastries. The coffee is made by skilled and knowledgeable staff, and the service is very quick. You can also grab a cup of coffee to takeaway and take home. Tasty coffee plus great service – what else you want in a coffee shop?

3) The Roasting Warehouse

The Roasting WarehouseThe Roasting Warehouse is located in North Melbourne, and it is must try coffee point. You can buy coffee beans and even coffee pods there. Their coffee blends are amazing, and the staff is very friendly. Decaf almond cappuccino is the best coffee flavor in this cafe. Delicious and inexpensive coffee, quick service, and a friendly environment – you will get everything here.


ST ALILocated in South Melbourne, ST ALI is one of the best coffee shops in Melbourne. They make their coffee beans and use it in the coffee. The environment is cozy and packed with loud music. The staff here at ST ALI are very friendly and attentive, and the service is pretty quick. If you are looking for your morning coffee with a light breakfast, ST ALI is perfect for you and a decent barista job in Melbourne too.

5) Little Bean Blue

Little Bean BlueLittle Bean Blue is an ideal place for coffee lovers. Located in Little Collins St, this coffee shop completely focuses on coffee. The main coffee tastes of this café include single origins having Yirgacheffe and Little blue bean house blend. There is wall outside the café which demonstrates how the coffee will get to you and why it is so tasty.


If you are looking for best coffee in Melbourne CBD, the above mentioned is the answer for you. There are many other coffee points, but these are the top ones, and you must give them a try.
These coffee spots have all the facilities of an ideal coffee shop, such as quick service, skilled and knowledgeable staff, a friendly environment and a wonderful sitting arrangement.