The Best Barista Training in Sydney

Ask any foreigner what they find unique about Sydney, and they’ll always tell you it’s how well they know their coffee. But, no, it’s not just the sights, like the beautiful harbour or the excellent seafood.

The long queues of coffee enthusiasts lining up at their favourite cafe, waiting patiently to get that early morning kick or the mid-day social experience by sharing a cup of coffee with their friends or work colleagues.

Locals, of course, wouldn’t find that out of place because, for them, it’s their way of life.

People of Sydney know all the types of coffee available and expect you to know them as much as a tech-savvy person who raises their brow when you don’t know why an iPhone 6 is so different from iPhone 5.

They know about ristrettos, macchiatos, or a mug-a-cino, as well as a fashionista may tell apart a Louis Vuitton from a Michael Corrs just by looking at it.

Make the perfect cup of coffee and get paid for it

The downside of this is that expectations are pretty high from a barista (messing up a coffee is a crime!).

The upside is that local knowledge is excellent, with many learning opportunities. For example, Sydney coffee schools are a gold mine of information. You will not just learn about great coffee (or their so-called liquid gold) but also learn specific coffee art for which people are willing to pay a hefty amount, making for a great Sydney barista job experience.

But in Sydney, there is no such thing as ‘just’ a cup of coffee.

Trying out your luck as a barista sounds fun and engaging in Sydney. Schools and qualifications run in the same vein as mentioned above, so I’ll just list some Sydney coffee schools to try out:

1. ‘Barista’ course from ‘The Sydney Coffee Academy’ lasting 6.5 hrs for $295 leading to TAFE PLUS Statement

  • Clean and maintain espresso machine
  • Growing beans and roasting them
  • Extraction process
  • Customer service
  • Coffee menu in a general café

2. Serve Espresso Coffee’ from ‘The Sydney Coffee Academy’ lasting 1 hr for $125, leading to a Statement of Attainment

3. ‘Barista Advanced Course’ from ‘The Sydney Coffee Academy’ lasting 3 hrs for $149 leading to TAFE PLUS Statement

4. ‘Coffee Course Level 1’ from ‘Hospitality Training Australia’ lasting 3 hrs for $75, leading to ‘Certificate of Attendance

These were just a few institutes for a barista training Sydney experience. Other institutes to check out for Sydney coffee courses include:

5. Barista Basics Coffee Academy

6. The Coffee Gang (for both training and job referral)

7. The Toby’s Estate Espresso School: Workshops held for all types of skill sets and experience, a worthwhile experience in Sydney!

So as you can see, Sydney barista courses are not so hard to locate. Watch out; there might even be one just around the corner!

Some of the best cafes are found in Sydney, and it must be every barista’s passion to be able to get into one of them. Single Origin, with beans from around the globe, is the actual original café in Sydney.

The famous Rocks Aroma Festival is also part of the coffee highlights of the city. A one-day celebration taking place in the historical area known as ‘The Rocks’, it has visitors of approximately 90,000 in July.

It is an excellent chance for a barista to find out from these people what they want to see in their coffee and, more importantly, in their barista.

And if, after all the training, you think that you are game enough, then why not be a part of the Home Barista Competition organised by Danes Specialty Coffee.

You get to show off your skills against some of Australia’s most delicate and even have the most sophisticated coffee machines as the top winners. Even if you don’t win, the experience will be great in grounding you as a solid barista.

You might also get a chance to meet up with the previous winners and learn from them, not just about good coffee making but about their progress as professional baristas.