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The coffee culture in Sydney is all about individuality – people don’t love large coffee chains such as Starbucks anymore (and it isn’t a big surprise, given how much they ask for a generic blend of coffee).

Suppose you’re interested in succeeding as a barista here. In that case, it’s better to look for café jobs in Sydney, which are offered by small businesses running in local neighbourhoods – they are a far better option than grinding forever doing hospitality jobs in Sydney at a generic coffee chain.

Here is some advice to help you succeed at landing great hospitality jobs in the city:

  • Individuality is vital: For most people in Sydney, coffee is a matter of great personal selection, which by extension, also applies to the coffee bar they frequent. So how do you make the client choose you over the competition? By having a unique theme, design, menu and service. If your establishment has a unique feel to it, say, something that is in harmony with the prevailing neighbourhood culture, there’s a good chance you’ll attract a lot of local customers. Even if you choose to go against the prevailing culture and create an unorthodox look for the cafe, it will be a nice contrast against a familiar backdrop. It will also serve to separate you from the competition. Right now, it’s all about having a casual, friendly outlook to set the customer at ease because many of them are tired of the stern, imposing looks of big-time coffee places. However, you can’t go wrong if you follow essential design aesthetics to create a unique theme for your café.
  • You should be able to make a snack besides coffee: Be it a spicy beef sandwich or an exotic breakfast plate, most local barista jobs in Sydney expect the applicant to bring something unique and valuable to their menu. This ties into the overall individuality focus popular with hospitality jobs in Sydney nowadays. All the best cafes in town have a particular hot order that brings a lot of customer loyalty if played right. Right now, if you can whip up a hot yummy breakfast, besides being able to serve up a wide variety of coffee, you’re highly likely to find good work at a Sydney coffee shop.
  • A good taste in music: Again, this is about taking your unique coffee house theme to the next level – the owner will love it if you’re able to synergize with the aura of their establishment and enhance it with thoughtfully selected music. This is also a massive hit with the customers, who are now beginning to see coffee houses as private clubs rather than simple eateries.

Coffee course SydneyThese things can’t be learned by taking an expensive coffee course in Sydney – they have to be picked up through observation and experience.

To sum up, being a successful barista in Sydney is as much about being creative, outgoing and adventurous as knowing how to make great coffee.

Café jobs Sydney