The Australian Barista Training Guide

Becoming a qualified barista in Australia has never been cheaper – or more accessible. With lots of high-end institutes recognising the worth of the barista profession and offering recognised courses in barista Australia training, you’ve got lots of options open to you. Here are some of the best institutes right now:

Australian Barista School

Based in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and established to provide economic coffee classes and training by passionate professionals of the industry, the Australian Barista School is comprised of a group of dedicated coffee industry professionals with more than six decades of experience between them. The teachers have owned and worked in roaster and espresso bars and specialise in modern coffee-making methods.

They offer the following courses in CBD locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane:

Barista Course National

Lasting for 3 hours, this barista course instructs the participants in using a coffee machine from the very basics and, as such, requires no experience. You will be taught the following coffee making techniques:

  • Milk frothing
  • Espresso making
  • Preparing all the different kinds of coffee typically found in cafes
  • Maintenance and cleaning of coffee machines.

Accredited Barista Course

This course lasts for 5 hours, two of which include coffee art, culminating in a Statement of Attainment that bears the units of competency SITXFSA101 Use hygienic practices for food safety SITHFAB204 Prepare and serve espresso coffee. This Statement of Attainment has national recognition.

You can complete this course in a single day, or split it into two days – 3 hours on the first day, and 2 on the next.

Australian Barista Academy

The Australian Barista Academy claims to be dedicated to inspiring excellence in the brewing of coffee, both among home baristas and the specialty coffee industry.

They don’t require you to have any prior experience, all that’s needed is a genuine interest in coffee, and you’re set. In addition, they offer course options for all skill levels.

The Australian Barista Academy is serious about its training and bears the credentials to prove this. They’ve got instructors who have won over 15 competitive awards and are experts in the industry. The class sizes are kept as small as possible to ensure that each participant gets due attention and as much instruction as possible. The latest equipment is used in combination with freshly roasted coffee.

Their courses are categorised as follows:

Barista Skills

Fundamental Barista SkillsBarista Skills Course

This course is the platform on which other courses in the ABA are based. Experienced baristas can hone the concepts, practices and skills needed to create high-quality espresso through this course. On the other hand, the newcomers have a chance to attain the fundamental skills needed to take their first step in the specialty coffee industry.

Workflow and troubleshooting

This course is an ideal follow up to the Fundamental Barista Skills course, both for newcomers and experienced professionals alike. Participants will dry up a coffee grinder to extract high-quality results, fix the issues, and create several standard espresso drinks in a fast-paced workflow environment.

Advanced Barista skills

This course is suited to those confident in setting up equipment and preparing espresso coffee using the methods taught in the Fundamental Barista Skills course and the Workflow and Troubleshooting course. In addition, this course goes into the theory, practical skills and tasting ability needed to get high levels of consistency and quality with espresso beverages.

Latte Art Techniques

This class devotes itself to producing great milk, splitting up said milk with accuracy and yielding a range of free poured latte art designs. Also, a part of the discussion will be the aspects that contribute to the production, growth and roasting, which can yield finely flavoured, high-quality coffee. Participants will also taste several coffee samples that have undergone different processing methods and have different origins.

Sensory Skills, Analysis and Brewing

Sensory Skills and Coffee Knowledge

This session will cover the sensory skills needed to understand high-quality coffee outside the scope of espresso. The factors involved in the growing, production and roasting of coffee that result in excellent coffee flavour and quality will be discussed. You’ll also taste several different coffee varieties.

Fundamentals of Manual Brewing

This course will cover some standard brewing methods for pour-over and steeped filter coffee techniques. You will also be taught the skills needed to analyse the brewing results and adjust the brew parameters to get better results.

Coffee At Home

Skills for the Home Barista

This is a fun three-hour session for baristas who work with home equipment and wish to learn the skills used in a café.

Barista Basics Coffee Academy

Regardless of whether you’re a student, a coffee fan, or a professional barista, this institute is an excellent place to start if you are seeking nationally accredited courses in the specialty coffee industry.

Having owned a roasting facility and multiple espresso bars, consulted some big names in Australia, created the first-ever coffee art course and written the country’s first-ever barista training manual textbook on preparing coffee using a commercial espresso machine, the Barista Basics Coffee Academy has more than qualifies as a high-end educational institute.

They offer the following two nationally accredited courses in CBD locations in Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Barista Basics

The 3-hour course is designed to teach you to identify all the core factors that go into making espresso coffee, from where it goes on to teach you how to put all the factors together rapidly to create great finished coffee. The course comes with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment with the units SITXFSA101 and SITHFAB204, which use hygienic practices for food safety and prepare and serve espresso coffee.

Master Barista

This 5-hour course starts from the very basic and ends in two hours of continuous coffee making, focusing on coffee art and milk texturing. You will be taught the latest tricks utilising free pouring and etching techniques by the pioneers of coffee art courses. The course also results in a Statement of Attainment, with the same units as mentioned above.